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Roxanne Draughn

Mother, Advocate

"You need to start getting the world ready for me," my son said.

"When my son was four, he was like: 'You know mom, how you’re always trying to get me ready for the world? Well, you need to start getting the world ready for me!' And you know, he has a point, right? This should be a system of equity where you feel like you can learn and you feel encouraged to learn."


Howard Fuller

Educator and Civil Rights Leader

"We need solutions that value the humanity and the potential of our students."

"There are clearly educators out there who, every day, are in buildings or in locations educating these kids—really giving them the tools they’re going to need to be able to survive, to be enable children to try and figure out how children can change the trajectory of their lives. We need solutions that value the humanity and the potential of our students."

TaShonda Williamson

Mother, Advocate

"Culturally-affirming schools are priceless"

"Culturally-affirming schools are priceless; when youth can find commonality with the adults in their lives (especially adults at their schools), you can guarantee vast positive benefits as the fruits of those planted seeds."


Are students of color receiving our best?

Minnesota is home to some of the nation’s worst gaps in achievement and opportunity—a reality that does not reflect the unlimited potential of our students. We need solutions that value their humanity and potential—solutions that empower families who have been historically underserved by our education system and that support academically rigorous and culturally-affirming school options.

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Advancing education justice means defending the power and autonomy of those most impacted by Minnesota’s inequitable education system. Families are fighting for access to high-quality schools that prepare their children for a dignified life, and you can support them.

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